A free unlimited edition First release at Paris Ass Book Fair 2024, Available at www.a4multiplierparx.site

A4xX is a work in the form of a collection that questions the relationship between art and money. The less it costs to produce a work of art, the less power is ceded to economics. We tend to devalue, without even realizing it, anything that is offered for free. We aim to change the paradigm, by making art accessible to all: creating the conditions for relationships, exchange, and encounters, fostering free circulation and networks.

2024. 02.09-2024.03.24

Postcard produced on the occasion of the exhibition “The Postcard Show”, February 9–March 24, 2024 at Gallery DODO in Brighton, UK. The postcard has an air bubble attached to it. This was sent from Seoul to Brighton by Airmail. The Postcard Show, Gallery DODO, (Phoenix Art Space), Brighton, February 9 (Preview) – March 24, 2024 Feat.: Christine Demias, Claudia de la Torre, Darren Calder, David Bellingham, Fiona Banner, Guy Bigland, Helmut Smits, Hwang Eunyoung, Ian Whittlesea, John Shankie, Jon Carritt & Dan Palmer, Jonathan Monk, MacDonaldStrand (Gordon MacDonald + Clare Strand), Matt Harding, Micah Lexier, Mocksim, Nick Davies, Russell Weekes, Ryan Gander, Samuel St.Leger, Saskia Takens-Milne, Scott Robertson, Sebastiane Hegarty, Setsuko, Steven Emmanuel

2023. 05. 27

전시, 선/사각, 2023.05.27. 황은영. 네덜란드 네이메헨  

New Book launch and exhibition, Line/Rectangle by Hwang Eunyoung, Binding by Jan Dirk de Wilder, 2023.05.27. Extrapool in Nijmegen in the Netherlands

2018. 10.06-11.04  전시 

인덱스 서점, <우린 서핑을 못 해>.

At the INDEX Book shop in Seoul, <We Can't Surf>.

2018.4. 12

네덜란드 엑스트라풀, <We Can't Surf> 전시, 아수나의 사운드 퍼포먼스와 함께. 

Book launch <We Can't Surf> at the EXTRAPOOL in the Netherlands with a Sound performance by ASUNA(Japan).